Industrial facilities are usually remote from business centers and difficult to access for telecom providers. Our own fiber-optic network allows us to connect such objects and provide them with quality services.

For industrial enterprises:

    • we build and serve fiber-optic networks;
    • we unite branches in different cities into a single logically closed network;
    • we connect objects to the enterprise network, including the ones in the countryside;
    • we provide DIA channels with a guaranteed bandwidth from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps;
    • we build a backup physical data channel using an alternative route;
    • we provide IP addresses, configure routing;
    • we provide the necessary amount of phone numbers;
    • we provide full compliance with SLA;
    • we maintain network and IT infrastructure;
    • we provide round-the-clock monitoring and technical support 24x7x365.

Among most relevant tasks for Industrial enterprises are cost reduction, increasing business manageability and the speed of introducing new products. More and more industry applications migrate to the cloud service, thus making new demands on the sustainability of network infrastructure.


Digitalization of all processes and the distribution of industrial sensors generate a huge amount of data. Delivery, storage and processing of this data require more complex parameters of the IT infrastructure.


Existing networks no longer cope with increasing loads. The IT infrastructure, designed 10-15 years ago, is losing efficiency and requires digital transformations in order to keep up with the rest of the world. We see this as an opportunity, and we are ready to participate in such transformations with our expertise.