We build and maintain corporate networks and IT infrastructure, provide Internet and voice services, host server equipment in reliable data centers and organize access to public and private cloud services.


Wnet reduces business expenses by auditing and optimizing IT infrastructure. We will free you from non-core tasks so you can concentrate on business development. Our IT services are based on infrastructure knowledge at all levels: from equipment to network technologies and business applications.


Reliable Internet for business is not just a pleasant addition, it is a critical element of IT strategy. Wnet provide dedicated lines based on its own state-of-the-art fiber-optic network in Ukraine. 24/7 monitoring and technical support guarantee an Internet connection with the stated speed and performance.


We unite your branches over a secure and reliable IP/MPLS VPN channels to get a virtual private network on top of our backbone network with scalable bandwidth and guaranteed SLA quality. 

We help transfer mission-critical data to secure storage and data centers. We provide reliable access to data with minimal delay.



IP telephony for a business that runs on our fiber optic network. We provide reliable telephone service, help to significantly reduce communication costs, simplify internal communication in the company. We connect corporate telephone exchanges (PBX), virtual telephone exchanges or provide separate numbers.


In today’s world, ability to work remotely became a rather relevant issue for businesses.

Provision of a remote workplace is a unique IT solution from Wnet, which allows you to organize not safe and uninterrupted access to the local network of your company, as well as establish a working IP phone in your employees’ homes.


Wnet offers you a solution that no Ukrainian or European provider can provide, because we have built our own international telecom network and can offer services in a complex from A to Z.

Thanks to our own network in Ukraine, Europe and America, we offer the best service with minimal delays.


4G / 3G Backup — is a safe and fast access to your retail outlets, offices and branches.

Fail-safe data transmission system, which consists of the main land transport data channel and a backup 4G / 3G radio channel with coverage throughout Ukraine.


Hosted PBX from Wnet is the rental of a virtual phone system, as well as the selection and purchase of the required amount of numbers.

Wnet virtual Hosted PBX services allow you to solve issues related to the organization of work within the company between all its departments, regardless of the location of the client’s offices and employees.

A Reliable Service

We are ready to become your reliable IT partner. Clients appreciate our openness, flexibility and attention to their wishes and concerns.