Hosted PBX from Wnet is a quick and cost-effective way to organize phone services in all departments of your company. You will analyze the effectiveness of business processes: the system keeps statistics of all calls, and also records conversations.

Hosted PBX provides additional options:

    • interactive voice menu (IVR);
    • dividing subscribers into groups;
    • abbreviated internal numbers;
    • routing of incoming calls to other numbers;
    • interception of incoming calls.



After setting up the system, your clients and partners will automatically fall into the group of their manager. In the absence of the necessary employee - send a fax / voice message.


Thanks to the Hosted PBX, the management of the company receives the following tools: monitoring the efficiency of employees and departments and optimizing the workload of the office staff. Businesses that use the service never lose contact with customers by staying in touch 24x7x365.