Ukrainian National IP-operator, leader in providing a wide range of services, serving over 4,500 corporate clients in various industries: government agencies, international companies, telecommunication providers and operators, small and medium-sized businesses.

Nowadays WNET:

  • Ukrainian National IP-operator with 25 years of experience;
  • Branches in Krakow and New York; 6 regional offices with headquarters in Kyiv;
  • WNET network is connected to the largest traffic exchange points in Europe and America via independent N x 100 Gb channels;
  • Total bandwidth of interfaces with the networks of leading operators exceeds 500 Gbps;
  • Own international fiber network of more than 8500 km, covering over 100 cities
  • 2 own Tier II and Tier III data centers;
  • Over 6500 points of presence;
  • Over 4000 corporate clients;
  • Over 2500 employees;
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and technical support 24x7x365;
  • European level SLA 99.5% and higher.

Key Points Of Our Story


WNET ™ trademark was registered and the new WNET company was created, as a vertically integrated holding company that provides a wide range of IT services for large corporate clients, government agencies, telecommunication providers and operators, small and medium-sized businesses.

2003 2006

WNETbecomes the first company in Ukraine that introduces a unique service - Hosted PBX and begins to pay customers to generate traffic. We actively support content-generating resources - by launching the new European Collocation fare. Transition to the international pattern of relations between telecom operators, sensational exit from UA-IX.

2007 2008

Entering the corporate market. Opening branches in Dnipro and Odessa. Start of a main trunk-line construction Kiev-Dnipro, Kiev-Odessa. Launch of the first version of a unified corporate information system (billing / CRM / ERP).

2009 2010

10 years of WNET. Over 1,000 km of urban fiber optic networks were built. The national IP / MPLS network is available in 28 major cities of Ukraine. The number of corporate clients exceeds 1000. More than 100 service providers have chosen WNET as a service provider. Over 100 of private peer-to-peer channels were organized at foreign exchange points. With its own fiber optic network, WNET is setting a new standard on the market for specialized optical channels.

2011 2012

Opening of a new Headquarters in Kyiv with its own data center under the WNET brand and modern infrastructure for data processing and storage. Expansion of the company to the Ukrainian regions: Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Simferopol, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa.

2013 2015

Opening of a branch in Lviv. Start of construction of the Kyiv-Lviv trunk-line and connection of new customers.

2016 2018

Creation of a new company development strategy: EXPERTISE - STANDARDS - RESULT - three pillars of WNETideology. Opening of the new Headquarters in Kyiv. Core network layout in Europe. The number of staff exceeds 200 people. Opening of a company branch in New York, USA.


WNET’s 20th anniversary. Own fiber-optic network of over 4200 km, connected to the largest traffic exchange points in Europe and the USA through independent Nx10G channels. Own Tier II and Tier III level data centers. Providing high level SLA. Presence in 12 countries.


Over the course of 25 years, many projects of different complexity have been implemented for customers from various industries. We continue to learn and evolve every day. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience, unique solutions are developed with implementation in difficult conditions and in a short time. Our main result is successful solution of our clients' tasks, their satisfaction and positive feedback about our work.