In a world where any product can be copied and replicated, we have found our own uniqueness formula. We solve customer problems, to do it we possess something that no copycat can duplicate — team, infrastructure and experience.

The company as a united team

Our team stands for one common goal and we deeply appreciate the contribution of each employee to its achievement.

Therefore, everything in our company, even the motivational system, is built in such a way that it does not allow for any detail to fall out of the general mechanism.

A unique service delivery system that will help develop client’s business

The main goal of our team is to clearly define the problem and find the best solution.

We deeply immerse ourselves in the client’s work processes, involve the expertise of qualified personnel and the well-developed methodology embedded in the system.

MONIKA Reality Management Sysem

All business processes of the company are based on a single fully integrated proprietary information system.

Since 2006, we have been developing and refining our own system that combines virtual and real worlds and transforms digital computer models into actions of real people and equipment. This system evolves as the company grows.

Electronic document management system

Experience shows that even in the 21st century digital world, bureaucracy is still at large, regardless of the country or market in which we operate. We understand the importance of providing the necessary financial and accounting documents in a timely, correct and convenient format. Thanks to modern technology, a large number of operations have been automated. In order to do this, we developed and implemented an electronic document management system.

Comfortable personal service system

In order to make our service this way, we provide the client with a personal approach by arranging a dedicated employee who helps the client in resolving any issues and makes sure that the services are provided with the best quality.

All employees of the service department have been working in the company for more than 5 years and have the necessary knowledge and skills, experience and a great desire to make WNET service the best in the industry.

IT service that allows you to do what’s important

In the modern world, information systems are one of the key engines of business growth. The availability of data and tools to process them, directly affects business and its development, and is a necessity for successful projects.

Thorough design, construction, and ongoing monitoring helps us to anticipate and proactively eliminate potential faults in the IT infrastructure. We ensure the integrity and timeliness of our IT solutions, optimize and adapt IT infrastructure to meet the business goals set by our customers.


OWN NETWORK ... to the very top

Wnet uses the latest models of equipment, from the top manufacturers for the key components of the network. This allows us to introduce innovative services while maintaining the high quality of existing ones.


We are constantly upgrading the network and increasing its capacity, both logical and physical, thus remaining a leader in telecommunication services.

OWN NETWORK ... from the very bottom

The Network Construction and Development Department handles all stages of the work, starting with the design and all the way through to the highest level of construction and installation work.


20 years of experience and professionalism guarantee the shortest construction time.


We never stop. We are constantly developing, it is our own way of life. We are expanding geographically and gaining expertise in new industries. We are open to new challenges and equipped to solve any tasks of any complexity.