Data Placement service is now available in the new data center located in Krakow, Poland.

Geographical location of the data center works for you:

    • convenient and comfortable cooperation with a European provider;
    • placement abroad, protection of the equipment from the influence of state structures;
    • direct connection via our network between Kiev and Krakow with minimal delays;
    • high fault tolerance due to: ring topology, uninterrupted power supply and cooling system;
    • the ability to “remotely” host a server without a physical visit or server rental;
    • availability of IP-KVM service;
    • Convenient and comfortable communication with Russian-speaking staff 24/7/365.


Thanks to our own network in Ukraine, Europe and America, we offer the best service with minimal delays.




By balancing the combination of network connectivity, fault tolerance and accident recovery, as well as ease of access, we provide the opportunity to place equipment both in Ukraine and in Europe. In a convenient place for you at a moderate cost and with minimal delay.


The goal of the Wnet team is to be a reliable and competent IT partner who helps customers focus directly on the development of their business.


For future reference, we offer to transfer working IT infrastructure to our new data center in Krakow, Poland, to ensure maximum autonomy from a stationary office.